Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Christmas is Almost Four Months Away.....Really?

As you all know I have to plan everything. I am not a last minute person. In fact these type people drive me INSANE!!!!! Jonell has always waited to the last possible night to do her taxes before the dead line hits every year. God love her it drives me nuts. I don't know why. They aren't my taxes, what do I care? I don't know I  just do. I started doing them for her just to put my mind at rest. Weird I know. But she has her refund now a days before she would have even filed them before. That makes me happy! Again don't know why, not my taxes, not my refund but it just does.

Anyway, back to the point. I always create a Christmas budget several months ahead of time and start tucking cash away. This way when the time comes, Christmas is paid for. Yesterday it hits me Christmas is almost 4 months away and this year we have a youngin. So I decided ok budget time. But y'all what do you get a 10 month old that isn't a complete waste of money???? Me and Santa need to figure this one out. Any suggestions?

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  1. So...I would say go ahead and give her something that she will enjoy a few months from now...maybe a little princess couch, or a wagon, or one of those small blow up castle things that have the balls in them like McDonalds did when we were kids. Give her some good keepsake type books like some of the Dr. Seuss collections....

  2. We gave Anna Kate and Em their toy box for their first Christmas. We did her engraved bible. We did the ball pit and wagon like Elena suggested as well.

  3. I'm a little late catching up on blogs so I just read this but I wanted to share my two cents ;)
    My aunt got Ellie the princess castle with the little people princesses. Ellie has loved it and the little girl that I babysit loves it too! Before the little girl could even crawl, I would sit her in front of it and and she loved it. Now she walks and Ellie is three and they all still love it. It sings and plays music. Hope that helps!! :)


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